Build faster & stronger

HercuWall technology lets you offer your customers stronger, more comfortable homes in less time than your competitors - all at a competitive price. 

Wall Diagram.jpg

Built to last

HercuWall panels combine several steps into one. The diagram to the left shows the different components of the wall system, most of which are built into the walls before being delivered to your site, ready for installation.

Revolutionary technology

ShearStrip® technology allows reinforced concrete construction without vertical rebar. It creates a structural composite relationship with concrete, creating stronger walls with lower costs than ICF. 

Shearstrip Cutaway.jpg

Wall Into Track.JPG

Easy to install

HercuWall panels arrive at your jobsite numbered and ready to be inserted into base tracks. After the horizontal rebar and top caps are added, they’re ready for concrete. 

Easy to finish

You can apply any traditional cladding to HercuWall, including stucco, brick, and siding for a custom finish.